Selecting a Shanny Sn600Sn Nikon Flash or Speedlite

Selecting a Shanny Sn600Sn Nikon Flash or Speedlite


Shanny SN600SN Speedlight Flash for Nikon DSLRs

The Shanny SN600SN Flash is high performance low-cost alternative to name brand manufacturers of speedlight system flashes such as the Nikon SB700/SB910 Speedlight Flash. The SN600SN provides Nikon Optic Wireless Master and Slave Modes. In Both modes i-TTL is supported with HSS up to 1/8000S.


Shanny SN600SN for Nikon, also available for Canon as Shanny SN600SC

Shanny makes several different models:-

SN600SN is the unit with full Nikon CLS support

SN600N is the unit with just salve functions (cheaper)

There is also a SN910+ which seems to be their model with wireless communication (2.4 GHz), I bought the SN600SN to stay compatible with my existing Nissin and Nikon Flashes.

  • Guide Number: GN60(ISO100,200mm)
  • Wireless Flash: Creative flash system master unit, slave unit
  • High-speed sync: 1/8000s
  • Flash mode: i-TTL/M/RPT
  • Trigger mode: On-camera flash, Optical pulse transmission, Light trigger
  • Flash coverage: Auto 20-200mm (When using wide angle dispersion plate is 14 mm )
  • Master flash: Master Optical pulse signal transmission
  • Slave flash: Optical pulse slave Nikon (Manual mode), light trigger S1, S2
  • Shutter sync: High-speed sync, first-curtain sync, rear sync
  • Flash exposure compensation: Yes, 1/3 gear incremental
  • Flash exposure bracketing: Yes
  • Flash exposure lock: Yes
  • Modelling Flash: Yes
  • AF Assist: Yes
  • Manual Flash: 8 levels of output control (1/128∼1/1), 1/3 gear incremental
  • Frequency flash: 1∼100Hz
  • Recycle time: Quick flash less than 2s, ordinary flash less than 3s
  • Optical pulse transmission distance: About 20m
  • Optical pulse transmission channel: CH.1∼CH.4
  • Flash grouping: Support A/B/C flash group
  • External Interface: Hot-shoe, PC sync interface, external charging interface
  • Power supply: 4AAsize batteries (Alkaline or Ni-MH is usable)
  • Other functions: Custom function, overheating protection function, power saving mode, the voice prompt function
  • Measurement: 79.7(L)142.9(W)125.4(H)mm
  • Net weight: 420g (not including battery

In the Box

  • Shanny SN600SN Speedlight for Nikon

User review Shanny SN600SN:

I was in the market for a second flash, something more portable, as I have a set of studio lights/strobes and mostly do natural light photography, the need was really for those occassions where a second fill light is required, or desirable. The price of a Nikon SB910 was just too expensive for this. I already had a Nissin DI866 flash and I had no complaints, it works well, once I worked out the settings then everything worked fine. So really I was in the market for a cheap second flash. I read reviews that were mixed and some concern with knock off copies, but at $139, for a fully i-ttl compatible flash, the Shanny SN600SN was very attractive. I was hesitant, 2 weeks later, I made the jump. 3 days later it arrived. Batteries were installed and my exerience began.

That was more than two years ago now! So this review is really based on quite a bit of use. The verdict is “Great! Absolutely one of my best purchases!” This flash just works well. It talks to my cameras, uses the Nikon CLS system, works remote off camera, it actually never misses a beat. Battery life is good and its a strong flash, suppose to be flash guide number of 60, and thats correct! Its now my preferred flash unit.

I love to use this flash remotely, I can easily set the power remotely from the camera (I mainly use this in manual, for consistent photos!). The power range is much better than my studio strobes (from 1/128 -100%), so actually its also filled some gaps there too. Low light photography, requires a little bit of light, delivered in just the right places. My studio strobes are brilliant for fashion, but just do not turn down to this level. I put the Shanny into the softbox and just carry on! I actually went off and bought all the brackets and fittings for Bowen mounting the Shanny flash it works so well.

I have worked with the High Speed Sync of the unit and worked perfectly, I used it for capturing dance and freezing action.

The bad side, or negative points is really the documentation is difficult to understand, sometimes you just have to try it to see. The unit has worked well and I did see a couple of negative reviews and YouTube videos, but to be honest its nt my experience. The positive reviewers report this unit as being a replacement for the Nikon SB910.

I have suggested to others that these are great units and buys, however I have seen a lot of the reluctance I had. Well my report is 4.5 stars – Well done Shanny!

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