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Its been a busy year, seems all that we have done is work! And yet looking back we see an incredibly productive year of building a business in Indonesia, developing our marketing efforts and going back to some grass roots basics. One of those was I rebuilt our various websites and Social media platforms and connections. This is turn bought me back to my old roots of Computer programming, suddenly doing Unix again after many years! Its funny how the world has developed and moved on yet those basic skills can still come back and be useful.

This website is a progeny of that, as we focused each account on separate activities and tried to niche market to our customers, I realised Kiwindo Gallery was not be used for much! So since I have always had a passion for Photography and Design, I decided to put this website together as a proof of concept, I can share my interests and passion for design and hopefully interact and help some people along the way.

So the focus here will be on Photography, Web design & Instructional Design. These are all activities I do in our business and this is my sharing of that experience. You are welcome to contribute. 

Welcome to Kiwiindo Gallery web site
This is actually my favourite New Zealand bird: the Kea

The Kea is somewhat famous and well known for its antics! They are actually a mountain parrot and quite a big bird, and very strong. They love to tearĀ  things apart and especially softish yhings like windsheild wipers a the rubber that seals your car windows. Its quite difficult to find something to protect your car with as a car cover is just ideal for a Kea to rip to pieces. Then they will be most indignant that you chased them away!

At one of the road works in the South Island the Keas had taken to moving the traffic control cones on the road around as a little exercise! They were so persistent at doing this that in the end someone invented a gym for the Keas to exercise with which distracted them from the traffic control cones!

Welcome to Kiwiindo Gallery.



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